Fallin In Love Again Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds (#1 in 1975)

    Baby, Fallin’ In Love, and I’m FA Fallin’ In Love Again.
    Baby, baby Fallin’ In Love, and I’m Fallin’ In Love Again.

I could never see what fate had planned for me,
And then you came and made my dream this man’s reality.
Maybe you can’t see all the things you;ve meant to me,
But my simple fate is at the gate, and girl, you’ve got the key.
It seems like yesterday you and I first loved this way,
But now I know my love will grow with each and every day,
As we lay at midnight’s hour and feel love’s hidden power
So strong and bold as life unfolds her mysteries to me.
You and me for eternity in love we’ll always be,
Young and free and naturally the way it’s got to be.

(Chorus - repeat and fade)