I Believe In Music by Marian Love, Mac Davis, Gallery (#22 in 1972)

I could just sit around makin' music all day long (yeah)
As long as I'm makin' my music
I know I cain't do nobody no wrong
And who knows? Maybe I'll come up with a song
And make people wanna stop their fussin' and fightin'
Long enough to sing a song
    I-i-i, I believe in music
    Whoa-oh-oh-oh I, I believe in love
    Everybody knows, I-i-i, I believe in music
    Whoa-oh-oh-oh I, yes I believe in love

Music is love and love is music if you know what I mean (yeah)
And people who believe in music, are the happiest people I've ever seen
So clap your hands and stomp your feet
And shake your tambourine (yeah)
Lift your voices to the sky
God loves you when you sing
Music is the universal language and love is the key
To brotherhood   peace and understandin',  Livin' in harmony
So take your brother by the hand
And sing along with me
And find out what it really means
To feel young and rich and free

-Artist: B J Thomas from "Very Best Of B J Thomas"-United Artists-UA LA 398E
-charted in 1970 by Mac Davis (#117)
-charted in 1971 by Marian Love (#111)
-charted in 1972 by Gallery (#22)
-Words and Music by Mac Davis