Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (I Can't Help Myself)  Original Key of C   Key of Bb Smokey Robinson, The Four Tops (#1 in 1965)

Sugar pie honey bunch, You know that I love you
I can’t help myself, I love you and nobody else
In and out my life
You come and you go
Leaving just your picture behind
And I’ve kissed it a thousand times
Sugar pie honey bunch
Do anything you ask me to
I try to tear away from the screen
And there’s nothing that I can do
When you call my name, girl it starts the flame
(Burning in my heart, tearing it apart)
No matter how I try, my love I cannot hide, ‘cause
Sugar pie honey bunch
I’m weaker than a man should be
I can’t help myself
I’m a fool in love you see
Wanna tell you that I love you, tell you that we’re through, I’m not a child
But everytime I see your face
I get all choked up inside