I Left My Heart in San Fransisco   Tony Bennett (#19 in 1962), Geography

The loveliness of Paris seems somehow sadly gay
The glory that was Rome is of another day
I’ve been terribly alone and forgotten in Manhattan
I’m going home to my city by the bay

I left my heart in San Francisco
High on a hill it calls to me
To be where little cable cars
Climb halfway to the stars
The morning fog may chill the air, I don’t care

My love waits there in San Francisco
Above the blue and windy sea
When I came home to you, San Francisco
Your golden sun will shine for me

Tony Bennett once told an interviewer: Rock and roll all but ruined me. It seemed that any singer over twenty-five who couldn't play a steel guitar was in trouble. The Sinatras and the Crosbys had become institutions, but I wasn't anchored yet. Also , I lacked poise and experience. Then I had a date at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, and I thought this may be my last. I wanted some special material and against the advice of my cohorts took a ten year old song that had new lyrics about San Francisco. I recorded the song - also against managerial advice - and the last I heard it had sold more than three million, and I'm still working.