I Love Your Breasts the Way They Are Novelty, Parody of Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel

Don’t got padding
Your bra to please me
You never had much chest before
Mmm mmm mmmm

And don’t imagine
Your hoots as Judah
Cuz I don’t need a whole lot more
You’d probably leave me
If they were bigger
Your bust would keep me from your heart

Mmmm mmm mmm

I’d miss the good times
I love the flat times
I love your breasts they way are

I need to know that you will always wear
A trainer A cup 32
Oooh how could you think that they’re not pleasin’ me
The way that I’ve been squeezing you
I don’t want heaving mounds of cleavage
I never want to work that hard


I just want something that I can fondle
I love your breasts the way they are
Are Whoaaaaaaa