Inflatable Woman
Parody of American Woman by The Guess Who (see

I need a good woman
Would be ecstasy
But nothing that’s human
Will get next to me
I said mmm yeah
She’s fine
I’ll take her

Inflatable woman
Nothing much inside
Inflatable woman
She’s my blow-up bride
I picked her up at a discount store
I took her home and threw her on the floor
She looked at me with that vacant stare
I could tell that she was my kind of air-
Headed woman
I’m gonna make her mine
She’s practically human
As close as I could find

Inflatable woman
Laying next to me
Inflatable woman
If only she could see
She’s a real cheap date at night
She’s quiet and don’t have much appetite
And if I feel like giving her a smack
She always finds a way to bounce right back
My woman
My little rubber maid
Inflatable woman
I can always get