It Must Be Him Vicki Carr (#3 in 1967)

I tell myself what’s done is done
 tell myself don’t be a fool
Play the field have a lot of fun
It’s easy when you play it cool
I tell myself don’t be a chump
Who cares, let him stay away
That’s when the phone rings and I jump
And as I grab the phone I pray
    Let it please be him,
    Oh dear God
    It must be him
    Or I shall die
    Or I shall die
    Oh hello, hello
    My dear God
    It must be him
    But it’s not him
    And then I die
    That’s when I die

After a while, I’m myself again
I take the pieces off the floor
Put my heart on the shelf again
You’ll never hurt me anymore
I’m not a puppet on a string
I’ll find somebody else someday
That’s when the phone rings,
And once again
I start to pray