It's In His Piss (Snoop Snoop Song)
Parody of It’s In His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song) by Betty Everett

Is he drug-free?
I wanna know
How can I tell
If he’s strung out on dope?
Is it bloodshot eyes?
Oh no he’s got Visine
Is he getting’ high?
His urine won’t be clean

If you wanna know
If he’s smokin’ dope
It’s in his piss
That’s where it is
It’s in his whiz
Check out his piss
Oh yeah

Piss in
This plastic cup
We’ll find out what we want to know
If it’s drugs like we think that it is
It’s there in his whiz

Oh is he smokin’ crack
Oh my it’s hard to say
But it’s certain that twitchin’
All night and day

If you want to know
If it’s in his nose
It’s in his piss
That’s where it is
Oh yeah
It’s in his whiz
And if it is
He’ll be dismissed
No slap on the wrist
Oh no
Because of his piss
Pack up your shit