Jersey Bounce Benny Goodman, Jimmy Dorsey, Ella Fitzgerald

They call it that Jersey bounce
A rhythm that really counts
The temperature always mounts
Wherever they play, the funny rhythm they play
It started on Journal Square
And somebody heard it there
He put it right on the air
And now you hear it everywhere
Uptown, gave it new licks
Downtown, added some tricks
No town, makes it sound, the same
As where it came from
So if you don’t feel so hot
Go out to some Jersey spot
And whether you’re hep or not
The Jersey bounce’ll make you swing
How I love that Jersey bounce
Oh come on and play that Jersey bounce
Ounce by ounce
The Jersey Bounce
Puts you right in the swing
That Jersey Bounce
It’ll make you swing
Give me that Jersey Bounce.

Words by Robert B. Wright
Music by Bobby Plater, Tiny Bradshaw, and Edward Johnson

- As sung by Ella Fitzgerald, who did NOT chart it
- Most popular version, by Benny Goodman, hit # 1 in 1942, was an instrumental
- Also charted that same year by Jimmy Dorsey (#9) and Shep Fields (#15)