Let’s Hang On The Four Seasons (#3 in 1965), Manhattan Transfer, Barry Manilow (#32 in 1982)

There ain't no good in our goodbyein'
True love takes a lot of tryin'
Ohh, I'm cryin'
    Let's hang on, To what we've got
    Don't let go girl, We got a lot
    Got a lotta love between us
    Hang on, Hang on, Hang on
    To what we've got

You say you're gonna go call it quits
Gonna chuck it all and break our love to bits
Break it up  (I wish you'd never said it)
Break it up  (Oh, no we'll both regret it)
That little chip of diamond on your hand
Ain't a fortune baby but you know it stands
For the love  (A love to tie and bind ya)
Such a love (We just can't leave behind us)
Baby Don't you know
Baby Don't you go
Think it over and stay
There isn't anything I wouldn't do
I'd pay any price to get in good with you
Patch it up  (Give me a second turnin')
Patch it up  (Don't cool off while I'm burnin')
You've got me cryin' dyin' at your door
Don't shut me out, ooh let me in once more
Open up  (Your arms I need to hold you)
Open up  (Your heart, oh girl I love you)
Baby  Don't you know
Baby  Don't you go
Think it over and stay