Love Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu) Andy Williams, The Dells (#22 in 1969), Paul Mauriat (#1 in 1968), Al Martino, Claudine Longet

Blue, blue, my world is blue
Blue is my world now I’m without you
Gray, gray, my life is gray
Cold is my heart since you went away
Red, red, my eyes are red
Crying for you alone in my bed
Green, green, my jealous heart
I doubted you and now we’re apart
When we met how the bright sun shone
Then love died, now the rainbow is gone

<brief instrumental interlude-chiefly harpsichord and flute>
Black, black, the nights I’ve known
Longing for you so lost and alone

<instrumental to end>

Andy Williams, Instrumental version by Paul Mauriat was the # 12 song of the 1960-1969 rock era and was # 1 for 5 weeks in 1968.
Vocals that same year were charted by Al Martino (# 57) and Andy’s wife, Claudine Longet (# 71).