Lover Rodgers and Hart, Paul Whiteman (#3 in 1933), Guy Lombardo (#8 in 1933), Peggy Lee

Lover, when I’m near you, and I hear you - speak my name
Softly, in my ear you - breathe a flame
Lover, it’s immoral, but why quarrel - with our bliss
When, two lips of coral - want to kiss
I say (that) the devil is in you, and to resists you - I try
But if you didn’t continue - I would die
Lover, please be tender, when you’re tender - fears depart
Lover, I surrender - to my heart

Richard Rodgers was famous for how particular he was about the way that his songs were performed.  He is once said to have approached Peggy Lee soon after her release of "Lover" at a party and curtly said "I wrote it as a waltz!" and stormed off.