My Girl, Bill Jim Stafford (#12 in 1974), Country

Bill walked me to my door last night
And he said, "Before I go
There's something about our love affair
That I have a right to know."
I said, "Let's not stand out here like this
What would the neighbours think
Why don't we both step inside
And I'll fix us both a drink."

    My girl Bill
    My my girl Bill
    Can't say enough about the way I feel
    About my girl (my girl, my girl)
    My girl Bill

Williams hands were shaking
As he took his glass of wine
And I could see we both felt the same
And when his eyes met mine
I said, "Who we love and why we love
It's hard to understand
So let's just sit here on the couch
And face this man to man."

"Now Bill, you know we just left her place
And we both know what she said
She doesn't want to see your face
And she wishes you were dead
Now I know we both love her
And I guess we always will
But you're gonna have to find another