Pet Names for Genitalia To the tune of We Didn't Start the Fire

Mutton dagger, old blind bob, hanging johnny, fishing rod,
Tally whacker, pocket rocket, one eyed trouser trout
Ding dong, ankle spanker, pork sword, engine panker,
Harry hotdog,Davey Crockett, let them all hang out.

    Pet names for genitalia
    You know the girls think of them and you gotta love 'em
    Pet names for genitalia
    There's always something silly about little willie

Wang, wazoo, weenie whacker, pecker packer, kidney cracker,
Heat-seeking moisture missle, giggle stick, love whistle
Tube steak, uncle dick, This is getting really sick!
I'm not thru, there's one more -
Purple helmet warrior!