Sara Lee  
Fred Ebb and John Kander (1965), And the World Goes Round

There's a lady living somewhere.
Where it is, I do not know.
But I long to write and tell her that I love her so.
I believe I might do mayhem,
Yes, I might destroy myself
If I ever found her missing from my grocer's shelf.

Sara Lee, Sara Lee.
Your brioche just fractures me.
Give me a taste of your cherry danish,
I love my mother but you can't compare her,
Not with Sara Lee, Sara Lee.
There's no "hi", just Sara Lee.
But that's ok with me, 'cause I'm livin' in paradise,
When I'm nibbling her apple spice from the kitchen of the one I love,
Wonderful Sara Lee, Sara Lee (and it thrills me right to my soul)
Sara Lee (when I'm chewing her finger roll)
How I love that Sara Lee

Cousin Milton works at the Hilton
He caters banquets, and at each affair, he'll swear by
Sara Lee, Sara Lee.
Drop the "H" say "Sara, Sara Lee" and that's ok with me.

I love her cheesecake, white as a pearl,
And did I mention her choc'late swirl?
From the kitchen of the one I love, wonderful Sara,
Beautiful (sniff sniff sniff)
S-A-R-A  L-E-E
Sara Lee!