Scatterbrain Johnny Burke, Frankie Masters (#1 in 1939), Freddy Martin (#4 in 1939), Benny Goodman (#9 in 1939)

You're as pleasant as the morning and refreshing as the rain,
Isn't it a pity that you're such a scatterbrain?
When you smile it's so delightful, when you talk it's so insane,
Still it's charming chatter, Scatterbrain.
I know I'll end up apoplectic but there's nothing I can do,
It's just the same as being in a hurricane.
And though my life will be too hectic I'm so much in love with you
Nothing else can matter you're my darling SCATTER-BRAIN.
You're as gay as New Year parties, you're as sweet as sugar cane,
But when you get serious you're such a scatter-brain.
When we dance I think it's heaven till about the third refrain,
Then you start your patter, Scatter-brain.
Perhaps I'm much to analytic but I'm up the well known tree;
I've tried to understand your double talk in vain.
Yet won't you please forgive your critic 'cause you mean so much to me,
Nothing else can matter you're my darling SCATTER-BRAIN!