Smokin’ In the Boys’ Room   Brownsville Station (#3 in 1974)

Sitting in the classroom, thinking it's a drag
Listening to the teacher rap, just ain't my bag
The noon bells rings, you know that's my cue
I'm gonna meet the boys on floor number two!
Smokin' in the boys' room (Yes indeed, I was)
Smokin' in the boys' room
Now, teacher, don't you fill me up with your rules  
(or “Now, teacher I am fully aware of the rules)
But everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school
Checkin' out the halls, makin' sure the coast is clear
Lookin' in the stalls, "No, there ain't nobody here!"
Oh, my buddy Fang, and me and Paul
To get caught would surely be the death of us all
All right! / Oh, put me to work, in the school book store
Check out counter and I got bored
Teacher was lookin' for me all around
Two hours later, you know where I was found