So Far Away Carole King (#14 in 1971), Rod Stewart

    So far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore
    It would be so fine to see your face at my door
    And it doesn't help to know, you're just time away

Long ago I reached for you and there you stood
Holding you again could only do me good
Oh how I wish I could, but you're so far away
One more song about moving along the highway
I can't say much of anything that's new
But if I could only work this life out my way
I'd rather spend it being close to you
But you’re
Yeah, yeah, yeah
You're so far away
Traveling around sure gets me down and lonely
Nothing else to do but close my mind
And I sure hope the road don't got to own me
There's so many dreams that I've yet to find
But you're