Thanks For the Memory  Original Key   Alternate Key of C Bob Hope
Thanks for the memory / Of sentimental verse,
Nothing in my purse, / And chuckles / When the preacher said / For better or for worse,
How lovely it was.
Thanks for the memory / Of Schubert's Serenade,
Little things of jade / And traffic jams / And anagrams / And bills we never paid,
How lovely it was.
We who could laugh over big things / Were parted by only a slight thing.
I wonder if we did the right thing, / Oh, well, that's life, I guess,
I love your dress.
Thanks for the memory / Of faults that you forgave,
Of rainbows on a wave, / And stockings in the basin
When a fellow needs a shave, / Thank you so much.
Thanks for the memory / Of tinkling temple bells,
Alma mater yells / And Cuban rum / And towels from / The very best hotels,
Oh how lovely it was.
Thanks for the memory / Of cushions on the floor,
Hash with Dinty Moore, / That pair of gay pajamas
That you bought / And never wore.
We said goodbye with a highball, / Then I got as high as a steeple,
But we were intelligent people, / No tears, no fuss,
Hooray for us.
Strictly entire nous, / Darling, how are you?
And how are all / Those little dreams
That never did come true?
Awfully glad I met you, / Cheerio and toodle-oo
Thank you, / Thank you so much.