You Gotta Have Skin By Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, Novelty

You've gotta have skin
All you really need is skin
Skin's the thing that if you got it outside
It helps keep your insides in
It covers your nose
And it'swrapped around your toes
And inside it you put lemon meringue
And outside you hang your clothes.

Skin is what you feel at home in
And without it furthermore
Both your liver and abdomen
Would keep falling on the floor
And you'd be dressed in your intestine

A Siamese Twin
Needs an extra set of skin
When the Doctor knows that you're feeling sick
Where does he stick his needle in?
In the end of your skin.

    All your friends and all your kinfolks
    Whether ppor or whether rich
    They have all got lots of skin folks
    It's convenient when they itch
    Nothing can match it when you scrath it

It fits perfectly
Yours fits you and mine fits me
When you're sitting down
It folds and looks grand
And then when you stand
It's where you've been
Ain't you glad you got skin?

    When you were just a little baby
    Well your skin fit fine
    And it's still going to fit you
    When you're 6 foot 9
    So whether you're fat, tall
    Big, small chubby or thin
    Ain't you glad you got skin.